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  1. National Register of Citizens (NRC):

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a government document that contains a list of all genuine Indian citizens residing in a specific state or union territory. Its primary purpose is to identify and distinguish between Indian citizens and individuals who may have entered or are residing in the country illegally. Key aspects of the NRC include:

  • Citizenship Verification: The NRC process involves a thorough verification of documents and records to establish an individual’s citizenship status. This typically includes verifying birth certificates, land records, and other relevant documents.
  • State-Specific: The NRC is conducted on a state-specific basis. It has gained significant attention in the context of Assam, where an NRC exercise was undertaken to identify and exclude illegal immigrants.
  • Complex and Controversial: The NRC process can be complex, contentious, and subject to legal challenges. Disputes often arise over the inclusion or exclusion of individuals from the list.
  • Impact on Residents: The NRC process can have significant implications for individuals, potentially affecting their citizenship status, access to government services, and legal rights.
  • Humanitarian Concerns: Critics have raised concerns about the humanitarian impact of the NRC, including the potential for rendering a significant number of people stateless and creating social and legal uncertainties.


  1. Understanding BPSE-145:
    • What is BPSE-145?: BPSE-145, or “Indian Society: Images and Realities,” is a crucial course offered by IGNOU as part of its Bachelor’s degree programs. This course is designed to provide students with insights into the diverse facets of Indian society.
  2. The Importance of BPSE-145:
    • Relevance: BPSE-145 is highly relevant in today’s world as it explores various aspects of Indian society, including its cultural, social, and economic dimensions. It helps students gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of our society.
    • Career Benefits: A strong foundation in understanding Indian society can be beneficial for various careers, including social work, journalism, public policy, and more.
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