IGNOU FEG-01 BEGF-101 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-19 Foundation Course in English (FEG-01/BEGF-101) Assignment Course Code: FEG-01/BEGF-101
Assignment Code: FEG-1/BEGF-101/TMA/2018-19
Max. Marks: 100


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Answer all the questions
1 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

1a What do you think is meant by nature conservation? 2

1b A zoo or a botanical garden is not a suitable place for many species to survive. Which are
these species? Say why it is difficult for them to survive. 4

1c Name some species that survive most successfully in artificial habitats. How do they
survive? 3

1d Find out the words that mean the following: 3
i the plants’ or animals’ natural environment in which it normally lives.
ii bushes and plants growing together under the trees in forests.
iii an area of land that is kept separate or private in order to protect the animals or
birds or people living there.

1e Give a suitable title to the passage. 1

1f Make sentences of your own with the following words/phrases from the passage: 4
i share the planet ii conserve
iii survive iv roam across

1g Give opposites of the following words from the text: 3
i conserve ii danger
iii naturally


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