Rule For Using “In” and “On”

IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 1 – Most of us get confused that where to use “In” and “On” when it comes to vehicles.


Use Of IN

Use “IN” when you are talking about a small vehicle or if you are having a personal vehicle.
Use “IN” for a vehicle where you cannot move.

Example –

 The cat likes to ride in the car.
 We get to fit all of our luggage in the truck.

Use Of ON

Use “ON” when you are talking about a large size vehicle or if you are going to use a public vehicle.

He got on the bus and get off near the market.
 He was on the airplane.

For Two Wheelers Use ON

Now, you might be running confused that what to use for a bicycle or motorcycle. You need to use “ON” since you are on a platform having no ceiling.

IN and On For Private and Public Vehicles

Use “IN” if you travel by your personal vehicle.
Example – I am IN the bus. (Personal Bus)

Use “ON” if you travel by public vehicle.
Example – I am ON the bus. (Public Bus)

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