How to use as…as

IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 4 – Do you know how to make sentences when it comes to comparing similar things? We use as… as to make these sentences.

 First as ––Here, it needs to mention that first as acts as an adverb modifying the adjective or adverb which goes after it.
 Second as –— It acts as a preposition or conjunction/preposition.

Let’s us check it out IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 4 in a detailed manner –

Read This Sentence “वो अपने भाई जितनी ही लम्बी है या फिर वह भी उतनी ही समझदार जितना उसका भाई है।“
जहां भी —“उतना” और “जितना” —- जैसे शब्दों का प्रयोग होता है वहां अंग्रेजी में वाक्य बनाने के लिये ‘as – as’ का प्रयोग किया जाता है।

 वह अपनी बहन जितनी ही समझदार है।
She is as smart as her sister is.
 वह आज भी उतनी ही खुश है जितनी की कल थी
She is as happy as she was yesterday.

यानि की जब बात है कुछ ऐसी बात कहने की जहां समानता का भाव हो वहां ‘as – as’ का प्रयोग किया जाता है।
After reading these all the above sentences, you probably have got that when it comes to saying something is similar, use ‘as – as’. For example,

 She is as tall as her big brother.
 It is as nice today as it was yesterday.

आइये थोड़ा और गहराई से समझते है इन उदाहरणों को द्वारा –

 He is as (उतना ही) cute as (जितना कि) a puppy.
उदाहरण – वह उतना ही प्यारा है जितना कि एक छोटा पपी यानि कुत्ते का बच्चा होता है ।

Here the first as in this construction modifies (विशेषता) the adjective cute (विशेषण). The second as modifies (विशेषता) the noun puppy.)

 He ran as (उतना ही) fast as (जितना कि) he can.
उदाहरण – वो जितनी तेज दौड़ सकता था, वह दौड़ा ।
(Here the first as modifies the adverb ran and the second as modifies the clause ( जो कर्ता की विशेषता बताते हैं ) ‘he can’.

Let us check it out IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 4 more examples –

 You can drink juice as much as you want.
(तुम जितना चाहो, उतना जूस पी सकते हो)

 She is as good a painter as her sister is.
(Make sure that you do not write like this, “She is as a (आर्टिकल पहले नहीं आयेंगे बल्कि विशेषण के बाद ही प्रयोग किये जायेंगें) good painter as her sister is.”)

It means the article (यानी कि A/An/The का प्रयोग संग्या के पहले किया जा सकता है) needs to put right before the noun while using adjective (विशेषता) + noun (संग्या).

Now, let us check it out how to make negative sentences –

To make negative sentences, you need to go with Not So…as…

Example –

He is not so successful as his sister.


He is not as successful as his sister is.

You may also say like this –

He is less successful than his brother is.
“Less Than” is used when you want to go with a bit more formal style.

Hope it has cleared everything to you. In case, you get to have any kind of confusion, we are here to assist you. Do put your comments below and we would be answering accordingly.

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