Eat Up – English Phrasal Verb (Ignou Grammar Lesson)

Now Let’s start IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 7 – Eat up – To eat all of something (पूरा खत्म करना या पूरा खा जाना)

  • Come on, eat up your fruit salad. (अपनी फ्रूट सलाद पूरी खाओ)


Eat Up – To use a wide chunk of your available time or money (अपने समय या फिर उपलब्ध धनराशि का ज्यादा से ज्यादा खर्च करना)

  • Having kids eats up a wide chunk of family’s income.


Eat Up – Covering a huge distance with confronting any hassle (यात्रा करते समय एक बड़ी दूरी आसानी से तय करना)

  • They decided to go by a car eating up distance between themselves and their dream destination.


Eat Up – To get quite negative and not able to think anything else (बहुत ही ज्यादा नकारात्मक सोचना)

  • He was eaten up by negative thoughts that how he will submit his college fee.


Eat Up – Liking something so much that you do not get bored and want to hear more (कोई चीज जो आप बार-बार देख या सुन सकते हो बिना बोर हुये)

  • That TV serial is so interesting so that audience never mind to eat up even if it is repeated for days.

More Example –

  1. तुमने मेरा सारा खाना क्यूं खा लिया?

Why you ate up my food?

  1. ये कार मत खरीदो, ये तुम्हारा सारा पैसा खा जायेगी या खर्चा करा देगी।

Do not buy this car; it may eat up your saving/money.

  1. कमरे का किराया देने में मेरी कमाई का बड़ा हिस्सा चला जाता है।

Paying rent eats up most of my money.

Multiple Choice Questions of IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 7 for practice –

[WATU 9]

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