How Should You Learn New Words and Enhance Vocabulary?

IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 8 This is one of the most asked questions that how to develop great vocabulary. Right…? There would be many of you too. Let’s Start IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 8 –

  • Never Force Yourself कभी भी अपने आप को मजबूर न करें –

First, please never force yourself or pressurize yourself to learn new words. It will make you get just frustrated only. Learn with interest since our brain keeps thinking to remember for a long time when it learns everything with fun. I would start sharing more vocabulary on the Instagram page. Learn slowly but keep learning. I guarantee you that after one year being stayed on my page, you will gradually get to good at it.

यह सबसे अधिक पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नों में से एक है कि महान शब्दावली कैसे विकसित की जाए। सही…? आप में से बहुत से लोग भी होंगे। पहले, कृपया अपने आप को कभी भी मजबूर न करें या नए शब्दों को सीखने के लिए खुद पर दबाव डालें। यह आपको केवल निराश कर देगा। interest के साथ सीखें क्योंकि हमारा दिमाग लंबे समय तक याद रखता है जब वह मज़े के साथ सब कुछ सीखता है।

  • Read Something That You Find Interesting कुछ ऐसा पढ़ें जो आपको रुचिकर लगे -–

Do read the magazine, watch a movie or listen to a song that you love. When you read something interesting about what you want to know, it makes you know new words without being pressurized. Are you getting my point? Note down them in a diary or take a screenshot of that piece of paper so that you can keep checking out whenever you go through your gallery.

पत्रिका पढ़ें, फिल्म देखें या गाना सुनें जो आपको वास्तव में पसंद है। जब आप उस बारे में कुछ दिलचस्प पढ़ते हैं जो आप वास्तव में जानना चाहते हैं, तो यह आपको दबाव डाले बिना नए शब्दों को जानने का मौका देता है। उन्हें एक डायरी में नोट करें या कागज के उस टुकड़े का स्क्रीनशॉट लें, ताकि आप जब भी अपनी गैलरी से बाहर जा सकें, तो बाहर की जाँच कर सकें।

  • Within Sometime, Would Be Sharing More Worksheet to Practice जल्दी ही अभ्यास worksheet उपलब्ध होगी –

If we did not have CORONA, you hardly would be knowing the meaning of LOCKDOWN, Quarantine, outbreak, etc. But now, you have learned so easily since you get to know them on your own because of the situation we are going through. So, this is why I am suggesting to learn interestingly. And this is the motto of making this page so that you get to understand everything with logic. Do keep asking what makes you get confused so that we keep coming up with a detailed chapter.

कोरोना की वजह से आप LOCDOWN, outbreak, quarantine का अर्थ जानते है क्योंकि हम इस स्थिति से गुजर रहे हैं और इसीलिये आसानी से सीख गये है। इसलिए, यही कारण है कि मैं दिलचस्प तरीके से सीखने का सुझाव दिया है

  • Follow Interesting vocabulary Pages

Do follow Instagram pages which are based specifically on vocabulary but trying hard to make you know that interestingly otherwise there is no use since you will either just like and then will forget it.

  • Keep Taking Part In Exercises

Do take part in exercises based on English since it is just kind of work out of your brain. When you keep doing practice, things become super easy.

Also, please guide me in building my vocabulary and the right usage of vocabulary with the help conversation of everyday life.

Though we will also keep sharing more about vocabulary I will suggest all my followers learn more phrasal verbs that I also mentioned on my Instagram post such as Get rid of, call off, milk is off, eat up, etc. The reason is that learning only one phrasal verb can help you to make many sentences, they are easy to learn and they are interesting too.

The reason is that go with interesting things first so your enough confidence will be built up. Then even if you find something tricky, you will not get fed up but try to learn it.

Do you remember all that? The reason is that they make you help to make sentences easily and they are easy to pronounce. Moreover, they are made up of easy words that most of you use in daily life such as OFF, EAT, WEAR and so on.

Next thing, most of us think that we know Hindi properly but if I do ask you about some words then chances are high that you were not aware of that such as –

  • कृत्ज्ञता
  • साहिष्णुता
  • कर्कश
  • संवेदनशील
  • वैभव

When we speak Hindi, we do not use such words. Sometimes, you may learn this kind of words in English that are either so hard to pronounce or less likely to use. It means you need to work on the words that are spoken more often.

Now the point comes from where to get those words. Go to the newspaper. Most words are used there that are part of our daily life.

Do IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 8 Exercise and Check Your Score –

What is the meaning of a highlighted word? Choose the right one from these 4 options and check your vocabulary test.

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