Prefix and Suffixes Exercise

IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 9 – If you want to enhance your vocabulary then it could be said that you should be good at Prefix and suffixes. Yes!!! It is true. You may not believe that you can find a lot of new words. Generally, most of us do not pay attention on it. 

Let’s start IGNOU GRAMMAR PART 9 –

What Is Prefix?  

It is called “Prefix” since a set of letter is added (fixed) right in beginning (Pre) of a word. (जो किसी शब्द को आगे लगाये जाते है called “Prefix”). Never do any kind of changes in the root spelling of the word while adding a prefix to a word. There are many prefixes such as de (decrease, decode), il (illegal, illogical), im (impossible), mis (mislead) and so on.

if you think that Prefix might not hold any meaning then you are wrong since they hold. Let us understand.

  • De Means Off Or Remove
  • Co means with
  • Ill means not
  • Inter means between
  • Un means not
  • Post means after
  • Ante means before


What Is Suffixes?

It is called “Suffixes” since a set of letter is added (fixed) in the end a word.  (जो किसी शब्द के पीछ लगाये जाते है called “Suffixes”). For example: est (strongest, prettiest), ily (happily, lazily), less (mindless, tireless, careless) and so on.

Suffixes also hold meaning as same as prefix. Here, some of them are being described such as –

  • Al means being full of characteristics
  • Ity means quality of something
  • Less means without of something
  • s/es is also suffix means more than one such as benches
  • tion means state of being condition

Whether it is prefix or suffixes, they both change the meaning of a root word. Hope this above mention information would be helpful to you. Do not forget to do this quiz to evaluate your knowledge and do some more practice to get good on Prefix and Suffix.

Prefix and Suffixes Exercise – 

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