1. Comment on Self sealing and certification facility by exporters are not allowed for claiming rebate/refund of Central Excise Duty.

2. Write notes on EDI and Bar Coding

3. Write a short note on Export Declaration Forms.

4. Distinguish between Liner and Tramp Shipping Services.

5. Distinguish between pre-shipment and post-shipment finance. Explain various post- shipment finance available to Indian Exporters.

6. Comment on The insurance contract is not in the nature of indemnity.

7. Write a short notes on Need for cargo insurance

8. Comment on Documentation formalities are not necessary to enable the importer to get the contracted goods and the exporter to get sale value as well as to secure export incentives.

9. There are no difference between documents against payment and documents against acceptance.

10. What are the objectives of Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India? Discuss the general provisions regarding exports.

11. Government Policy Making and Consultation for Export Promotion in India. (5X4)

12. Total loss and particular loss –

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