To get good marks in MA IGNOU, you also need to work on your vocabulary. There would be many of you contemplating that how to strong your vocabulary within no time. You have landed at the right platform as we are going to introduce you some of the important words including their meaning and example to make learning new words easy for you. So, you are all set..? Let’s take a look at it.

Coveted – Distinguish, Prominent, Great

Ex- The coveted company introduces an incredible device to make life a bit easier.

Circumvent – Ignore, underestimate

Ex – Circumventing the power of technology does not seem fair.

Unearth – Bring something in light

Ex – We are going to unearth the new age collection for the fashion conscious people.

Cryptic – Secrete, under the layers

Ex – The statement is too clear and I don’t think there is anything cryptic.

Bizarre – weird

Ex – Do not you think that it sounds a bit bizarre?

Pull Off – Getting a deal successfully

Ex – Do you think that you would get success to pull off this deal?

Mitigate – Diminish, Decrease

Ex – Fortunately, it played a crucial role to mitigate the bad effects.

Abide by – following some kind of rules

Ex – She declined to come as she is still abide by that particular rules.

Act on – To Start Working on

Ex – Just after getting the instruction, the team got engaged to act on the story to figure out the whole matter.

Act up – Refusing to get started

Ex – We were in mid of the way and suddenly my car started acting up.

Act Out – Copying someone to elaborate the situation

Ex – Asking about the incident, that evident acted out the whole situation in a great manner.

Pull In – Getting entry

Ex – Just after the announcement, the train pulled in and the commuters shouted expressing joy.

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