Entrance Test for Management Programmes 2018
December, 2018

Total No. of Questions 200 Time 180 Minutes

Test—I IGNOU MBA SOLVED ENTRANCE TEST 2018 General Awareness No. of Questions 30

Question –  Peak Mount Kamet of Himalaya is located in which state ?

Answer –Uttarakhand


Question –  Wild Ass sanctuary is located in which state ?

Answer – Gujarat


Question –  Ibn Batuta visited India during whose reign ?

Answer – Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq


Question –  Where was the Headquarter/Capital of French East India Company ?
Answer – Surat

Question –  What is the Indian name of constellations Ursa Major (Great Bear) ?
Answer – Saptarishi

Question –  First Olympiad started in Greece in
Answer – 776 B. C.

Question –  A Judge of the High Court can hold office until the age of
Answer – 65 years

Question –  Wing Commander of Indian Air Force is equivalent of which Army rank ?
Answer – Brigadier

Question –  What is the name of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform of HRD
Ministry ?
Answer – Swayam

Question –  Which Indian State city has became the first “Kerosene free State” ?
Answer – Delhi

Question –  In which country Indian Govt. organized 1st Yoga Championship ?
Answer – Egypt

Question – Which is the 1st country of the world to put a ban on Deforestation ?
Answer – Norway

Question – Who among the following headed the 7th Pay Commission ?
Answer –  A. K. Mathur

Question –  In which city of India’s first Water Metro Project that was recently launched ?
Answer – Kochi

Question –  When is Constitution Day celebrated in India to spread awareness about
Constitution ?
Answer – 26 November

Question –  Dailong Village has been declared as a biodiversity heritage site, is in which state ?
Answer – Manipur

Question –  Which country has decided to pull out of Paris Climate agreement ?
Answer –  U.S.

Question –  World Environment Day is celebrated on which Day ?
Answer – 5th June

Question –  Which of the following is the official language in Argentina ?
Answer – Spanish

Question –  The dispute over Shatt-al-Arab region gave way to which of the following wars in
modern world history ?
Answer – Iran-Iraq war

Question –  Which of the following was formed after nationalisation of Imperial Bank of India
in 1955 ?
Answer – State Bank of India

Question –  Which of the following is not a pillar of Basel III ?
Answer – Consolidation of assets

Question –  Who among the following has been honored with the 2017 Mother Teresa Memorial
Award for Social Justice ?
Answer – Priyanka Chopra

Question –  The joint naval exercise ‘Sea Breeze’ was held between India Navy with the naval
force of which country ?
Answer – Oman

Question –  Who among the following has broken all the past records to become the fastest
sailor in the world for sailling solo around the world ?
Answer – Francois Gabart

Question –  The 3rd edition of Raisina Dialogue, 2018 was held in which city ?
Answer – New Delhi

Question –  Who has been elected as the new President of Sahitya Academy ?
Answer – Chandra Shekhar Kambar

Question –  The Bansagar dam is built on which river in Madhya Pradesh ?
Answer – Sone river

Question – Which Indian shuttler has won the 2018 Swedish Open Junior International
Series ?
Answer – Siddhartha Pratap Singh

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