I think this is a topic that everyone’s gonna be really interested in so what’s the post IGNOU MBA salary. So increase in salary post mba versus free mba was around 37000 that’s a lot. If you know calculate that in a percentage. It was 50 increase in salary post mba versus pre-MBA which is huge. But the other piece was that what’s the median post MBA salary. So that is thousand dollars.

if you are someone who graduated from an IGNOU MBA going into one of those you know popular industries. It’s very highly likely that you would be getting a six-figure salary. After graduating from a reasonable mba program so how do i get into an mba would be a reasonable.

Next question so number one is work experience is usually for students who do have work experience who want to kind of learn more. About business so as i said in the beginning there’s you know mbas usually have around four plus years of experience. So you know that and then OPENMAT is a entrance exam that all the IGNOU mbas have to take to get into.


OPENMAT is also required when you are applying for one. Obviously it was a lot of investment. But you know I think it was worth it. So think through it when you are thinking of getting an MBA. But I personally think that you know people who are a good fit for MBA is those people who are smart who wants a upgrade in their life or in their career but don’t really know what to do.

I think I was one of those people who didn’t really know what to do so you know but like I figured it out once I came to MBA. It’s just like a good two years’ time to reflect back on your life and just you know see what you want to do. There’s a lot of opportunities once you do come in so. if you’re like me you probably not regret going into an mba program yeah so that was it for today i hope you enjoyed it this article.

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