1. Trace the evolution of the British Novel during the nineteenth century.

2. SUMMARY OF Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte –

3. Would you agree that the major characters of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie reflect conflicting aspects of morality?

4. As a reader from the Third World can you relate to the events and happenings in Fielding’s Tom Jones? And would you agree that ‘Tom Jones is so simple that it makes no great demand on you as a reader’? Discuss with reasons. 20

5. How many women characters are to be found in the Heart of Darkness would you consider Conrad to be a misogynist?

6. Examine Dorothea’s ideas of marriage in Middlemarch? 20

7. SUMMARY OF Charles Dickens: Great Expectations

8. Does modern critical perspective help us understand Wuthering Heights better or does it just confuse us? Discuss.

9. SUMMARY OF Muriel Spark’S The Prime of Miss Jean Brodies

10. SUMMARY OF James Joyce’S A Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man


11. SUMMARY OF Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

12. SUMMARY OF Edward Morgan Forster: A Passage to India


13. SUMMARY OF Henry Fielding: Tom Jones

14. SUMMARY OF Joseph Conrad’S Heart of Darkness

15. Tom Jones is the story of a man’s journey from innocence through experience to wisdom.” which events from the text best illustrate this?

16. Write a critical note on the evolution of the British novel.

17. Would it be correct to say that Heathcliff is ‘dark’ and ‘evil’? Discuss in the light of your understanding and analysis of Wuthering Heights.

18. Why do you think Forster shifts the theme of the novel from history to philosophy? 

19. Give a detailed note on the three broad movements that defines the structure of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

20. Would you consider the novel Great Expectations to be the story of Pip’s education in life?

21. SUMMARY OF Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

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