DOWNLOAD HERE IGNOU MEG-02 ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 AND ALSO check out IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 GUIDELINES.  यहाँ MEG-02 ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 डाउनलोड करें और इसके अलावा IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 की GUIDELINES भी देखें।

Assignments FOR JULY 2023 AND JAN 2024 ADMISSION


ASSIGNMENT IGNOU MEG-03 Solved Assignment 2023-24
SERVICE TYPE Solved Assignment (Soft Copy/PDF)
Programme: MEG-03/2023-24
Course Code MEG-03
SESSION July 2023- January 2024

30th OCTOBER 2024

Below are the details of the IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24:

  • Program: MEG-03
  • Course Code: MEG-03
  • Session: July 2023 – January 2024
  • Submission Dates:
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th April 2024
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th October 2024

Assignment Submission: Students are advised to submit the IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 as per the specified schedule. The assignments must be submitted in soft copy/PDF format through the designated portal or email, as instructed by the university.

Guidelines for Preparing IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24: While preparing the IGNOU MEG-03 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24, students must adhere to the following guidelines:


1. Fielding’s Narrative Strategies in Tom Jones:

Henry Fielding’s novel “Tom Jones” is a rich tapestry of narrative strategies that contribute to its enduring popularity and critical acclaim. The narrative techniques employed by Fielding in this picaresque novel demonstrate his mastery of storytelling, character development, and satirical social commentary.

One of the most prominent narrative strategies in “Tom Jones” is the use of the omniscient narrator. Fielding’s narrator possesses a distinct personality and often intervenes directly, offering moral judgments, witty observations, and humorous asides. This narrative presence allows Fielding to guide readers’ interpretations and provide commentary on the characters’ actions and motivations. For example, the narrator frequently comments on the characters’ flaws and virtues, offering insight into their psychology and behavior.

Fielding also employs the technique of embedded narratives within the main plot. Characters often tell their own stories, which adds depth to their backgrounds and motivations. The story of Tom’s parentage, for instance, is revealed through an embedded narrative, shedding light on his true identity and emphasizing the theme of hidden truths. This narrative layering enhances the novel’s complexity and engages readers by allowing them to piece together the various threads of the plot.

Another striking narrative strategy in “Tom Jones” is the use of humor and satire. Fielding’s witty and ironic commentary on societal norms, morality, and human nature is interwoven throughout the narrative. Through humorous episodes, such as the escapades of Partridge, Tom’s loyal but misguided companion, Fielding highlights the absurdity of human behavior and exposes the flaws of his characters. This satirical approach serves as a social critique and invites readers to reflect on the contradictions and follies of 18th-century society.

Fielding’s narrative pacing is another noteworthy strategy in the novel. He skillfully balances moments of tension and drama with lighter comedic elements, creating a dynamic and engaging reading experience. The episodic structure of the novel, reminiscent of the picaresque tradition, allows for a variety of settings, characters, and plot developments. This approach mirrors the unpredictability of life and contributes to the novel’s realism.

Moreover, the narrative strategies in “Tom Jones” contribute to the exploration of themes such as virtue, morality, and the complexities of human relationships. Fielding’s characters are morally nuanced, and their actions are not solely driven by either good or evil impulses. This complexity is revealed through the narrator’s commentary and the characters’ inner thoughts, enabling readers to empathize with their struggles and dilemmas.

In conclusion, Henry Fielding employs a range of narrative strategies in “Tom Jones” that contribute to the novel’s enduring appeal. The use of an omniscient narrator, embedded narratives, humor, satire, and dynamic pacing all work together to create a multifaceted narrative that explores the intricacies of human nature and societal norms. Through these techniques, Fielding crafts a rich and immersive literary experience that continues to captivate readers and offers insights into the complexities of 18th-century England.

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