IGNOU MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -17

Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016-17
MEG – 05 Solved assignment 2016-17
Literary Criticism & Theory Solved ASSIGNMENT 2016 – 17
(Based on Blocks (1 – 8) Max. Marks: 100
Answer all questions.

1. What were Bakhtian’s main concerns regarding language? How does he treat language?
Answer –
Bakhtin trusted that dialect ought to be considered for its dynamic, genuine living, components of discourse and social relations. He didn’t think, as some structuralists did, that dialect is a conceptual framework on the grounds that such deduction disregarded dialect as a living, subjective, arrangement of fluxing social relations.

Bakhtin utilized the expression “heteroglossia” (“hetero” signifying “unique” and glossa meaning dialects) to depict how dialect is a consistently changing complex of social vernaculars, class lingos, language, prevailing fashions, and intertextual references. Bakhtin reasoned that the novel is the best kind to feature the heteroglossia of dialect on the grounds that the novel incorporates more components of ordinary discourse and along these lines, more lingos, and a more prominent scope of social, class, and social dialects. Bakhtin trusted that verse would showcase be able to heteroglossia however that its confinements to lovely word usage constrain its accentuation on various dialects and diverse voices. In this way, Bakhtin considered verse to be generally monologic and the novel as dialogic. At the end of the day, he trusted that the novel is the artistic kind which had the most components of these diverse indications of dialect: class, social, relational, and political clashes and relations.
Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -2017

2. Of the two – Wordsworth and Coleridge – who had greater influence on modern criticism and in what respects?

Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -2017

3. Examine Wollstonecraft’s ‘An Introduction’ as constrained by being the product of its day and age.

Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -2017

4. Outline the sign theory of Language as propounded by Saussure highlighting its specific features.

Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -2017

5. How do both post modernism and post structuralism contribute to the ‘logics of disintegration’?

Download MEG 05 solved assignment 2016 -2017

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