Write a brief note about the genre of the Canadian short story.

Write a detailed note on the four main characters of the novel The English Patient and their life together in the Italian villa.

Attempt a critical analysis of Thomas King’s poem ‘Coyote Sees the Prime Minister’.

The Tin Flute is a novel about the poor of Montreal and the effect of the Depression
and war on their lives. Comment with examples from the novel.


‘Sunday Afternoon’ focuses on the problems and vulnerability of women in modern society. Elaborate this statement with reference to this story.


Trace the history of the development of Canadian literature with emphasis on its trends, movements, period etc.

Write a detailed note on the contribution of Northrop Frye to Canadian criticism.

What are some of the predominant themes present in 20th century Canadian poetry?

Attempt a character analysis of Rita Joe.

Discuss Margaret Atwood’s novel Surfacing with special reference to the use of
imagery and symbolism present in it.

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