2. Layout of Mohenjodaro: The ancient city of Mohenjodaro, located in the Indus Valley civilization, exhibits a remarkable urban layout that reflects sophisticated urban planning. The city’s layout consists of a grid-like street pattern, organized in a series of blocks, each containing residential and public structures. The streets intersect at right angles, creating a well-structured system that contributes to efficient movement within the city.

At the center of Mohenjodaro lies the Great Bath, a monumental public structure. This suggests the significance of ritualistic and communal activities in the city. The Great Bath’s intricate drainage system showcases the engineering skills of the inhabitants, emphasizing their mastery over water management.

The city’s residential areas display a consistent pattern of brick houses with rooms surrounding open courtyards. These houses were often multi-story structures, highlighting the vertical growth of the city. Additionally, Mohenjodaro features advanced sanitation systems, including well-planned drainage networks and public toilets, which indicate a high level of urban planning and hygiene awareness.

While Mohenjodaro provides a well-preserved example of ancient urban planning, it might not represent a “typical” Harappan city layout. Variations in architectural styles, street patterns, and sizes of cities within the civilization suggest that Mohenjodaro was just one among many diverse urban centers of the Harappan civilization. Nonetheless, its layout and advanced infrastructure highlight the remarkable achievements of the Indus Valley people in urban planning.

In conclusion, Mohenjodaro’s layout showcases a sophisticated urban plan characterized by grid-like streets, organized blocks, and impressive public structures like the Great Bath. While it offers insights into Harappan urbanism, it may not be representative of all Harappan cities due to their individual variations.

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