Import Documents

An import in the getting nation is a fare from the sending nation. Importation and exportation are the characterizing money related exchanges of universal exchange. In worldwide exchange, the importation and exportation of merchandise are restricted by import amounts and commands from the traditions expert.

The commitment to submit to traditions archives covering imported merchandise

A merchant should submit to traditions specialists import records before imported merchandise are expelled from capacity at the transporter, put in a reinforced stockroom or expelled from a fortified distribution center or a free zone for transfer locally; the archives might be submitted to traditions no later than 3 months from the date of landing of the vessel which transported the products to the nation.

Import records should be submitted to the executive of traditions in the traditions locale where the merchandise are emptied from the vessel, unless the products are transported undeclared to another traditions region and courses of action are made for traditions treatment there.

Archives that should be submitted

The accompanying archives should be submitted with an import affirmation, to the extent appropriate:

a receipt

a bill of replenishing or a vehicle archive issued in connectiond with the vehicle of the products; however when there is presented a bill covering cargo charges or a notice from the transporter to the proctor concerning a dispatch of merchandise, and these records contain an indistinguishable data from determined in normal bills of filling, a bill of filling need not be sumbitted unless uncommonly asked,

a bill covering cargo charges,

a testament of inception when particular traditions treatment is asked for in accord-ance with worldwide understandings to which Iceland is a gathering, unless a revelation of starting point has been entered on the receipt,

different records concerning the foreign made merchandise which are of significance to their traditions treatment, e.g. an import permit when required, an affirmation of an approval for unique traditions treatment when such is the situation, or different declarations required in extraordinary conditions.


Solicitations might contain the accompanying data:

name and address of the vender (shipper),

name and address of the purchaser (agent),

place and date of issue,

at the point when the deal occurred,

number of pieces, kind of pressing, weight, checks and numbers,

the products contained in a relegation, sort, make and amount (number, weight or estimations, by and large),

the offering cost of individual articles and the money in which the cost is speci-fied,

terms of installment, installment conditions and conveyance conditions, rebates and different derivations and the purposes behind conceding such rebates or making such conclusions.

Firsts or duplicates; edi

A unique or a duplicate of the reports recorded above might be submitted to traditions, gave that universal assentions to which Iceland is a gathering don’t stipulate something else.

A shipper may submit such import archives which he has gotten in different structures than in composing, for instance by PC media or broadcast communications.

In the event that traditions experts consider it vital, they can simply stipulate that a merchant must present a unique of the previously mentioned reports.

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