The importance of Hindi Swaraj | MHI-09 NOTES

Gandhi believed in simple living, and all his life tried to live the life of the ordinary people. But an impressive image of Gandhi is projected in Kanthapyra, when he is spoken .of in the same breath as some of the gods of the Hindu Pantheon. Jayaramachar, the Harikatha man comes to Kanthpura and tells a new kind of tale in which he mingles Hindu mythology with contemporary politics. He compares Gandhi to Lord Siva when he says, Siva is the three – eyed, and Swaraj too is three – eyed : Self – purification, Hiildu – Muslim unity, Khaddar.’ Mohan being one of the names of Krishna, Gandhi’s full name, Mohandas Karamchand , gives Jayaramachar the idea of paralleling his achievement to that of Krishna.

Just as the .god as a young boy slays the serpent Kali, we are told that Gandhi goes from village to village slaying the serpent of foreign rule. Again, just as Krishna teaches Arjuna the wisdom of how to be a true man of action. Gandhi teaches Moorthy how to be a true satyagrahi. Since Gandhi interpreted self-rule a’s an ideal form of govemment in the manner of Ralna – rajya.

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