INVENTION OF TOOLS AND DISCOVERY OF FIRE – Tool making is considered a defining feature of the humankind. Although some other animals like chimpanzees and crows are known to use tools, they do it rarely and in an episodic fashion. They do not shape their tools either. Australopithecines were probably the first tool makers. The earliest tools might have been made of bone or wood. They have not survived to the present. The earliest tools were probably made by women to make gathering more efficient. In addition, women devised containers to facilitate the transportation of gathered food and for hauling infants during gathering. About 2.5 million years ago our ancestors discovered that stone could be used as weapons.

With stone tools they could kill animals and break shells of edible seeds. Tool making by our ancestors marked the beginning of technology. Think of the ways in which technology has made work easier. For example if you needed wood you would not wait for a tree to fall down but simply cut it with a saw. Also technology helps produce more goods. Before the invention of printing press books had to be copied by hand. As such books were rare and expensive. As our technology has changed, our way of life has changed. Just as early technology made it possible to hunt and cook in new ways, so too, the modern technology has made our present day lifestyle possible.

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