Kretschmer’s Typology theory ( 50 word)

Answer – Kretschmer’s Typology theory based on his observation of patients, classified people into four types. The German psychiatrist kretschmer used the physical constitution and the temperament for this purpose.

Four types of Kretschmer’s Typology theory :

(i) Pyknik type : these people are short in height with very built body type. They have short and thick neck. Wise temperament exhibit characteristics of being social and cheerful.

(ii) Asthenic type: such people are tall and thin with underdeveloped muscles. They are also underweight, irritable and shirk responsibility. They have the habit of daydreaming and get lost in the world of fantasy.

(iii) Athletic type: They are muscle types and have well-built muscles and are not high or low. They have a stable and calm nature and are able to adapt to changes in the environment.

( iv) Dyspalstic Type: This category includes people who do not have any of the characteristics mentioned above, but are a combination of the three types.

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