Why do you think it is important for learners to learn on their own? What are the teaching strategies you need to use in order to help students become good language learners?

Ans. Learner training can be commonly defined as the technique which is employed to make learners autonomous and effective learner so that they can learn on their own with proper efficiency.

There is no denial that many language courses end but in most of these courses all the students are not able to learn everything. If looked reasonably it would appear at once that the very idea of learning is not appropriate, as far as the language courses are concerned, because in language courses there is too much to learn. In most of the subjects the process of learning continues even after the course is completed. Such a process is apparent in practical courses like cooking, gardening, vehicle maintenance, etc. What happens in the learning is opposite. In language course on those who are successful continue to learn after the course gets completed. Now the question comes why?

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