MA History Syllabus IGNOU

MA History Syllabus IGNOU – MA Programme in History has been developed with a view to provide an opportunity to those learners who wish to go for higher studies in History.

The Programme would be of great use for the teachers working in schools, personnel working in various institutions associated with history and culture (museums, archives, archaeological survey etc.), working people in various organisations and all graduates who are desirous of acquiring a Masters Degree in History.

The Programme is available in English and Hindi and has 64 credits.

IGNOU MA History Syllabus -First Year

Course Code Course Name Credits
MHI 1 Ancient and Medieval Societies 8
MHI 2 Modern World 8
MHI 4 Political Structures in India 8
MHI 5 History of Indian Economy 8

IGNOU MA History Syllabus -SECOND Year

Compulsory Course
MHI 3 Historiography 8
Optional Courses (Choose24 credits only)
MPSE 3 Western Political Thought 4
MPSE 4 Social and Political Thought in Modern India 4
MHI 6 Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages 8
MHI 8 History of Ecology and Environment : India 8
MHI 9 Indian National Movement 8
MHI 10 Urbanization in India 8
Total Credits 64

MA History Syllabus IGNOU – The following is the scheme of awarding divisions:

The evaluation consists of two parts: i) continuous evaluation through assignments, and ii) term-end examination. In the final result all the assignments of a course carry thirty percent weightage while seventy percent weightage is given for term-end examination.

The university has decided to provide numerical marking also in the grade card and award of division for Master’s Degree in History

I Division – 60% and above
II Division – 50% to 59.9%
Pass – 40% to 49.9%
Unsuccessful – Below 40%

You are required to score at least forty percent marks in both continuous evaluation (assignments) as well as term-end examination of each course separately. In the overall computation also you must get at least forty percent marks in each course to claim the MA degree. The scores of continuous evaluation and term-end examination are not complementary to each other for qualifying a course.

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