Name the major air pollutants.

Name the major air pollutant. – This article summarizes the main pollutants that affect air pollution.

1 Fist Major air pollutant Carbon monoxide (CO)

CO is a gas that is produced from combustion at low oxygen concentrations, which is called incomplete combustion. The literature indicates that 86% of the emissions come from transport, followed by 6% by burning of fuel in the industry and 3% by industrial processes, the remaining 4% originates in burning and other unidentified processes. In natural form it is generated from the oxidation of methane, commonly produced by the decomposition of organic matter.

CO can cause adverse health effects as it competes with O2 in the bloodstream, which reduces the ability of blood to transport oxygen to different organs. Sensitive people, particularly those with heart problems, may see their oxygenation capacity diminished.

However, CO concentrations rarely exceed the limits established for the preservation of health, even in large urban centers.

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