MBA schools waiving GMAT due to coronavirus

MBA Program Extends GMAT/GRE Test Waivers due to coronavirus. Let’s talk about what your GMAT score should look like to get an MBA. We will talk about the facts first and then we will stick to the end for four key takeaways now. You may have seen guffo shared a good rule of thumb for demonstrating high ability on the GMAT, which is a raw score of 45 for quant and a 70-80 percentile score for verbal. That’s true, it’s a great way to demonstrate great ability. But that’s not really what this question asks.

what your GMAT score should look like to get an MBA and that’s not going to be a 45 quan, a verbal percentile from 70 to 80. In fact there won’t be a GMAT score you need to have to get an MBA and that’s because that different MBA programs are going to expect totally different scores. Some MBA programs will not require high performance. in fact, some MBA programs will not require the GMAT at all. So do you need any particular score to get an MBA? No, but if the question here is how do I get an MBA from one of the top 10 business schools. Okay, that’s a different question in that case, your GMAT score is going to matter a lot more.

Your GMAT score likely matters more at these colleges and while they have, they have received a lot of publicity. Average GMAT scores, that’s what average scores have is that they are averages. They are where the 50th percentile of the students scores, which means that 50 of the students score at or below that average, so that means you can still earn an MBA from one of these highly competitive programs. Even if your score is below average, it will be more difficult. Your chances will be less, but it is still possible especially. If the rest of your application is strong, what does this mean?

Let’s talk about our four key takeaways –

so first decide what you really want, do you want an MBA and you don’t really care where it is from or where it comes from? you want an MBA from a very specific program now, what you want will depend entirely on you and your goals. But make sure you know what you really want and what is best for you. Before you start setting scoring goals, secondly, once you know what it is you want, research the shows that interest you and make sure you do it. You already know what the average GMAT score is for admitted.

Students need to make sure they know what the 25th percentile is and what the 75th percentile is so that they have good information to build their scoring goals. Three Once you have that information, set a scoring goal that is equal to or higher than the average score for the schools. you are applying for this will help you to be as competitive as possible among the other applicants and then four will strengthen your application.

This will be particularly important. If you end up with a score that is below or close to average to help you stand out from other applicants. But it will also be important in particularly competitive programs to make sure you really shine in these schools that they can choose from. Now once you have a reported scoring target, if you find that your score is going to be above average for all GMAT test takers. 

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