We’re going to be covering what’s an MBA with IGNOU? What do MBAs learn? Who are mba students? what do they do post MBA with IGNOU? Blah blah blah…. Then who are the companies that hire most of the MBAs. Everything so let’s jump right into the content.

What’s an MBA with IGNOU?

MBA actually stands for master of business administration. Unlike other master’s degree like accounting and everything we or MBA provide a wide variety of courses that you can select from so that. You can learn any kind of stuff within the business kind of family. It kind of covers very areas of business administration. Just like i said so there are going to be a lot of different ways that you can learn but like marketing finance and all these kind of stuff are included in an MBA course. MBAs offer different concentrations.

What does concentration mean?

concentration basically is something that you kind of major in when you’re in an MBA with IGNOU. So I majored or I concentrated in marketing operations and data. 

What are the types and length of an MBA with IGNOU?

Obviously there’s going to be so many types of MBA. Especially recently with all the different situation but i think most …. One of the most popular…..  One is probably going to be the full-time MBA which I graduated from it’s the traditional two-year MBA. There are also part-time MBAs, online MBAs and executive MBAs for more senior folks and different and also like global MBAs. Other kind of stuff but there are just like so many of them. I can’t really you know list everything here. So how long does an MBA take. So full-time MBA, it’s usually two years. I know in INDIA they kind of offer one-year MBA for you know full-time. But i think in the job market. It’s kind of you know standard that they offer to your time for a full-time MBA and part-time MBA,

Online MBAs might be slightly different but i think it’s kind of okay to think that you know a full-time. MBA is around two years so what do MBAs learn as i said in the beginning. there are multiple things MBAs learn. starting from finance marketing ops you know like these are the stuff that i kind of just listed out. but obviously there’s going to be so many other things. for example i was in an improve class in my second year. there’s also entrepreneur classes. there are also like real estate classes. so it just really depends on the school. also what the program is kind of offering. one unique thing for an MBA i think that differs from all the other. you know master degrees is that we all the MBAs also offer leadership courses for you know people because we think leaders are not born but raised who are MBA students.

MBA class profile age range 21 to 35. it’s a huge wide range here so average age is 28 and the median age is 29. so once you do get into an mba like 23, 24 or 25 year olds…… really really really unique to see. I think most of the people i kind of hang out with were around in like 28 29 almost 30 were people who i actually hang out with a lot back. when i was in job market and you would see a lot of folks who are in their early 30s.


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