Summary of A Midsummer Nighty ’s Dream in Hindi

Summary of Midsummer Night’s Dream – Notes in Hindi and Eng
(A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1595) –

This romantic comedy has managed to remain in time as an example of a fable with supernatural elements associated with forests. Fairies and goblins form a cortege that influences the life and love of humans. The translation of its title has given rise to controversy. There are versions that they title “Dream of a night of San Juan”. But the action takes place in our current spring, specifically the night before the first of May, the “Midsummer”. The confusion stems from the fact that spring was included in the “summer”, resulting in a single season.

The plot of the work is the result of the imagination of its author, who mixes elements of classical mythology and folklore about magic to achieve a harmonious whole that revolves around the reverie of love, presenting human fantasies with the excuse of the intervention of the forest spirits. He inherits the tradition of Plauto’s comedies.

Athens. State-city of ancient Greece. In the work, mythical place where reigns Theseus, its founding hero. Following the custom of Shakespeare’s works set in classical antiquity, such as The Comedy of Errors, the social context is actually his contemporary, giving for example to Theseus the title of Duke of Athens, as in The Two Noble Knights , where both Theseus and Hipolita will appear.

The text begins in the palace of Theseus, where he talks happily with his fiancee Hipolita (a kidnapped Amazon) about his next wedding, which will be held in four days. Philostratus is in charge of organizing the nuptial holidays.

Aegeus, the father of the lady Hermia, appears before Theseus. Hermia is in love with Lisandro. But Aegeus wants him to marry Demetrio. In addition, Lisandro accuses Demetrio of having fallen in love with Elena, a friend of Hermia. Lisandro and Hermia plan to marry in secret and to do so they meet for the next day in the forest. They tell Elena, who currently suffers the scorn of Demetrio. And Elena decides to reveal the secret to Demetrio to win her favor.
Summary of Midsummer Night’s Dream – Notes in Hindi and Eng

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