Would you agree with Namvar Singh that ‘neo-colonialism’ can be resisted? Discuss

Namvar Sings acceptance of the three-world theory (Appearing elsewhere in this
Block), even as he devises strategies to resist neo-colonialism is a typical condition of the postcalonial intellectual.. The forces of neo-colonialism are those powerful western nations that seek to subordinate, and exploit and hegemonise without engaging in military conquest. The agenda is furthered by the activity of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation to facilitate the movement of trans-national capital. The open market policy of the new world order fails to ensure a level playing field for all the players in a global * economy. The economically weaker nations often have to submit to the demands of the powerful European – American combines. This facilitates a global interface that has tremendous cultural consequences for the developing and underdeveloped economies of the world.

The spectacular growth of mass media and communication technology as well as information technology has posed new threats of cultural domination whose consequences are already apparent, not only in impact studies but also in the resistance methods that may be adopted.

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