O, My offence is rank, it smells to heaven, It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t, A brother’s murder!

Ans. Context: These lines are taken from the Shakespear’s Hamlet, Scene 3 and Act Ill (Claudius).

Contexto: estas líneas están tomadas de La aldea de Shakespeare, escena 3 y acto III.

संदर्भ: पंक्तियों शेक्सपीर की हैमलेट, सीन 3 और एक्ट IIII से ली गई हैं.

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Explanation: Thé fear of God has been put into Kina Claudius by a little drama piece Hamlet produced at court. As Hamlet had hoped, the play—which fecreated Claudius’s fratricide—caught Claudius’s conscience. In this soliloquy, Claudius confesses the deed and recoils at its smell. It is “rank” (that is, “rancid”), so rank that the vile odor wafts all the way to heaven. Thoughts of heaven remind him that his crime is the same as Cain’s, a crime marked by the “primal eldest curse.” Unfortunately for Claudius, although his inclination to repent is as “sharp as will” (is as keen as a desire), he’s unable to pray for forgiveness, because he’s unwilling to forfeit his ungodly gains.

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