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Question – Characteristics of observation

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Characteristics of Observation

1 Units of Observation  – The issue of the unit of behavior observation is still unresolved. By using small and easily viewed and recorded units, researchers can increase reliability.
2 Degree of Inference – The extent of the supervisor’s estimate also varies according to his attitude. In the molecular approach, there is little scope for estimation.
3 Generalisation or Applicability – For other research situations the generalization of the observation systems or the extent of the applicability is quite different. On one hand, there are general observational systems that are designed for use with different research problems in different settings.
4 Gaining Access and Leaving the Field – If the researcher is already a member of the group, then he is interested in studying, then getting access is not a problem. There are issues for these researchers that when, when, when, and whom to reveal themselves as a researcher. Regardless of well-planned research and / or special interest in a group, entry is not an easy process.
5 Length of Time in the Field – One of the unique factors of observation is the length of time in the field. Naturally, the amount of time depends on the research problem and the role the researcher has assumed.

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