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Let’s check it out IGNOU Open University MBA Fees –

NAME AND CODE OF PROGRAMMES                                                            FEES

Sl. Name of the Programme                                                                           Minimum Fee

1. Master of Business MP 2 `                                                                           1,500
Administration                                                                                                     per course
(`3,000 for
2. Post Graduate Diploma in PGDHRM 1 `                                                 1,500/-
Human Resource Management                                                                     per course
3. Post Graduate Diploma PGDFM 1 `                                                         1,500/-
in Financial Management                                                                                 per course
4. Post Graduate Diploma PGDOM 1 `                                                        1,500/-
in Operations Management                                                                            per course
5. Post Graduate Diploma PGDMM 1 `                                                        1,500/-
in Marketing Management                                                                               per course
6. Post Graduate Diploma in PGDFMP 1 `                                                 1,500/-
Financial Markets Practice                                                                               per course

NOTES IGNOU Open University MBA Fees :

  • All Programmes are offered in English medium.
  • The candidate should meet the eligibility requirement as mentioned above by the last date for submission of application form for admission (Form 2) to Management Programme.
  • A student can opt upto five courses in each semester. Courses already opted need not be repeated, unless the validity of registration of such a course has already expired. For registration purposes, MS-100 is treated as one course. The fee for MS-100 is `3000.
  • A course once selected for study, must be completed within 4 semesters. In case of failure to do so, the student will be required to re-validate the registration by paying fees of `1500/- per course.
  • Request for change of course should be submitted to the RC, as per schedule (fee @`1500/- per course.

As per the requirement, the demand draft of requisite fees should be reached to this Division prior to 60 days or earlier from the expiry of the same demand draft for smooth transaction with the bank.

“Application Form for Entrance Test (OPENMAT) Form 1 has been provided in a separate envelope alongwith the Student Handbook and Prospectus. Please see the Instructions for filling-up Form 1.
No enclosure or fees is to be sent alongwith this form unless the form is downloaded from the University website. This form is to be mailed in the envelope provided, by Registered/Speed Post to:
The Registrar, SED
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi – 110 068

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