AN OUTLINE SURVEY OF CHAUCER CRITICISM – Chaucer was admired by his contemporaries and imitated by the poets of the succeeding generations in the fifteenth century A.D. The following eulogy by John Skeleton is among the first:

चौसर अपने समकालीन लोगों की प्रशंसा करते थे और पंद्रहवीं शताब्दी के उत्तरार्ध पीढ़ियों के कवियों की नकल करते थे। जॉन स्केलेटन ने निम्नलिखित प्रशंसा पहली में दी है:

Noble Chaucer, Whos pullissh yd eloquence

Oure Englysshe rude so fresshely hath set out.

That bounde ar we with all dew reverence,

With all our strength that we can bring about,

To owe to you our servye, and more if we mowte.. .

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