PG Diploma in Information Security (PGDIS) Syllabus and Chapters

PG Diploma in Information Security (PGDIS) (With an exit option of PG Certificate in Information Security (PGCIS) after successfully completion of first semester)
PGDIS Semester one:

PGDIS Course 1: Introduction to Information Security– (4 Credits,  ,
Theory and Practical) : MSEI-021
Block 1: Business Needs and Security Awareness
Unit 1. Information Technology Concept and Application
Unit 2. Security Awareness
Unit 3. Information Security: Overview
Unit 4. Legal and Ethical Issues
Block 2: Security Threat and Vulnerability.
Unit 1. Introduction to Security threats and Vulnerability
(Computer as a target, as a mean of resource or as a mean of attack)
Unit 2. Malware
(Viruses, Worms, Trojan horses)
Unit 3. Hacking: Issues and Techniques
Unit 4. Security Counter Measures
Block 3: Networking Concepts and Attacks.
Unit 1. Introduction to Data Communication and Transmission Media
Unit 2. Overview of Networking technologies
Unit 3. Network Management and Protocol
Unit 4. Network Attacks
Block 4: Operating System Concepts
Unit 1. Introduction to Operating System
Unit 2. Operating System Security: An Overview
(Authentication, Access controls, Security models, Updates, Patches, Integrity
checks, Antivirus software)
Unit 3. Operating System Hardening and Controls
(File servers)

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