Introduction of Waiting for Godot In Simple English

Beckett’s work knows a little when the curtain falls, or we pass the last page; our imagination has to figure out if Godot will finally come, or if Vladimir and Tarragon will get tired of waiting in vain, if Pozzo will continue to exploit Lucky, or if it is really he who enslaves him.

Impossible to know the end that was hidden in the mind of the author, far from our reach; perhaps never conceived any. Neither do I solve the problem of this incognito being who is missing his appointments and beats his servants arbitrarily, but I can add some pages that show my own vision of existence.

But when life is something as absurd as a carrot … waiting is not enough to solve your problems.

The curtain rises, welcome to the Third Act:

Proposal of an ending for “We wait for Godot”

Same scenario, the tree has flowers (almond type, you can use a network, easy to remove), Tarragon leaning on it, barefoot with his hands tucked into the shoes, looking alternately at one and another; Vladimir, on the opposite side rummages in his hat.

ESTRAGÓN: But I can not walk all the time upside down!

I think I could not even five minutes.

VLADIMIR: Well, maybe if you have someone to hold you

legs … if someone walks with you it would be harder to fall

ESTRAGÓN: Yes, Didí! Would you hold me? We could always go

together, you face up and me upside down; I would put in you all

my trust. It would be dangerous, but very exciting!

when we got tired we would sit on the floor and I would

I would tell you what is below, and you what you see from above.

Let’s try it right now!

VLADIMIR: He jumps up! Come! Let’s take a walk

around the tree; Not far away, in case Godot arrives.

ESTRAGON: Yes, of course, Godot also gets up, they advance by

the stage, he tries to pine over Vladimir with the

shoes put on the hands but both fall to the ground.

Oh, oh!

VLADIMIR: Gogo! You are crushing me

They separate, they are seated facing the public, the hats and

Tarragon shoes on the floor

I do not know what could have gone wrong.

ESTRAGÓN: I do not serve for this, I can not bear my own weight.

VLADIMIR: I do not serve for this, I do not have the strength to support

a friend.

ESTRAGÓN: It was silly

VLADIMIR: A bad idea

ESTRAGÓN: I can not act contrary to the people

VLADIMIR: A nonsense

ESTRAGÓN: Always swimming against the current, and always

drowning me

VLADIMIR: Your hat was going to fall.

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