Pre-reading skills of 3 year olds

required to read and write.

In the preschool years, children develop, an awareness about language. They begin to think of what they are saying, and learn that sentences can be constructed by the flexible use of words. An awareness that words are made of sounds also develops. These skills help them to learn to read.

Children now also being to use written symbols, i.e. drawings like circles, squares, lines and scribbles to signify an object, thought or concept. Therefore, at this juncture, it becomes vital to provide opportunities that will help them to learn skills which will finally lead to reading and writing; i.e. provide opportunities to foster pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Pre-reading and pre-writing skills are those which the child needs to learn before she goes on to reading and writing. The skills that would be required before the child can read and write are as follows. The

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