Pre-reading skills of 3 year olds

children should have the ability to:-

  1. Control eye movement as the activity of reading requires rapid movement of the eyes.
  2. Control the movement of the fingers and wrist to hold the crayon, chalk or pencil and the book, and turn pages etc.
  3. See the minute differences in shapes such as ‘E’ and ‘F’ or a square and a rectangle.
  4. Associate sounds with shapes.
  5. Combine sounds for example, ‘a’, ‘ce’ etc. as in ‘car’, ‘cell’ respectively.
  6. Understand part-to-whole relationship (which is essential to understand that letters are combined to form words and words are put together to form sentences).
  7. Understand the meaning of invariance (to understand that letters and words, even if written in a different colour or size, remain the same and are sounded the same way)
  8. Pay attention to a particular-task for some time, i.e., have an adequate attention span.

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