Where Are The Best Universities Of The World Located

What makes USA Universities quite different from others? Are you supposed to get enrolled in any USA university? Do you want to know about the prominent universities in the USA? Though there are many best prominent USA universities, we are going to mention the most popular ones. Let us check it out more about it in a detailed manner –

Prominent USA Universities –

  1. When it comes about the oldest universities, Princeton University also rules the chart. Princeton University is regarded as a renowned university. It is known as the 13th best university in the world. It was established in the year 1746. It has the best teachers to serve the best to its students.
  2. Harvard University is widely popular, and students living all across the world are aware of its education quality. Harvard University is quite a renowned university and has always been entirely dedicated to catering to the best service. It holds third place in the QS world university ranking this year. It is also regarded as the oldest university in the country. It was established in the year 1636. It has always been known for introducing the best courses to the students.
  3. Columbia University adds value to Prominent USA Universities, is in 16th place when it comes upon the best world’s university. It was established in the year 1754. You may not believe Barack Obama.
  4. MIT is regarded as the best university and staunchly believing in cultivating an influential entrepreneurial culture. It holds a wide array of notable alumni who built renowned companies such as Intel and Dropbox. There is a wide array of graduate and undergraduate courses available to go with. The best thing is that it is regarded as the best university if one wants to do Engineering or computer science programmes.
  5. And the list will not meet an end if Duke University is not mentioned. It is known at the forefront of introducing the best service without compromising the quality. It was founded in the year of 1838 presenting a variety of courses.
  6. Stanford University does not need any introduction since it quite popular among the students for imparting the best curriculum and study. It is located in Center of Silicon Valley in California Standford. It feels proud having many notable alumni running amazing companies such as Netflix, Google, WhatsApp, Youtube.
  7. The University of Chicago is next on the number regarded as the world’s ten best universities this year dedicated to achieving the highest score for its reputation at the forefront. It was formed into 1890. It is also regarded as the best platform for emphasizing on research.
  8. Yale University holds 15th rank on and widely known for highly selective law school too. The best thing is that it was established in the year 1701 and had been running for a long time. Moreover, it had also been rewarded as the first PhD in the US in 1861. Furthermore, it has also been ranked as the fifth university in the world.
  9. There is another renowned name on the list called University of Pennsylvania ruling over number 10. It comes up with a wide array of fantastic courses. Students prefer to come here to take their career on the next level.

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