Public Administration MA Syllabus IGNOU

Public Administration MA Syllabus IGNOU First Year Course

MPA-011 State, Society and Public Administration 8

Unit 1: Nature of the State
Unit 2: Relationship among State, Society and Public Administration

Unit 3: Changing Role of the State: Issues and Challenges
Unit 4: Liberal and Marxist Perspectives of the State
Unit 5: Neo-liberal Perspective
Unit 6: Gandhian Perspective
Unit 7: Interface between Citizens and Administration
Unit 8: Democratic Peoples’ Struggles: Case Studies
Unit 9: Changing Norms of Social Equity, Participation, Flexibility and
Unit 10: Social Participation: Issues of Gender, Weaker Sections and
Unit 11: Changing Nature of Indian State
Unit 12: Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Formulation, Implementation and
Unit 13: Contemporary Context of Indian Bureaucracy
Unit 14: Impact of Globalisation on Administration
Unit 15: Challenges to Traditional Bureaucratic Paradigm
Unit 16: Emerging Concepts: New Public Management, Reinventing
Government and Business Process Reengineering
Unit 17: Concept of Governance
Unit 18: Governmental Institutions: Towards Reforms
Unit 19: Growing Role of Civil Society Organisations
Unit 20: Redefinition of Conflict Resolution
Unit 21: Ethical Concerns in Public Administration

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