Comment briefly on the attitude of the puritans to literature in the nineteenth century

English settlers in America were many. The Chesapeakes, the “Red Indians” of the region, instigated by their illustrious leader, Powhatan, resented the coming of the outsiders. They thought that the English, in not organising any agricultural activities on English lands, needlessly exploited their resources and exertions. Skirmishes ensued soon. The English were especially savage in their assaults, especially because they were extremely dependent upon these people whom they despised and therefore determined to demonstrate an absolute superiority over them. In order to punish a haughty tribe, the English would be sort to mass massacre of its members. Some Englishmen had a tendency to wander off to stay with the relatively affluent Indians, with their organised and abundant food supplies, or to trade with them. The Jamestown authorities burned, flayed and killed their own people. Meanwhile, thousands of settlers died from starvation and illnesses.

Curiously, the quintessentially Puritan author of the nineteenth century too had

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