Comment briefly on the attitude of the puritans to literature in the nineteenth century

Parts. The poems were attempts to versify not only her moral and religious sentiments but also contemporary scientific ideas, and they reflected the psychology, physiology, physics, natural sciences, and “correspondences” of the Renaissance. Published as “Quarternions,” the poems included the “The Four Elements,” “The Four Ages of Man,” “The Four Humours in Man’s Constitution,” “The Four Seasons of the Year” and “The Four Monarchies.” As intellectual exercises, they speak of the influence of Sir Walter Raleigh’s History of the World, Plutarch, Usher, Francis Quarles’ Emblems, the Bible, and most particularly the Sylvester translation of La Sermaine by Guillaume due Bartas.

Comparatively little is known about the early years of Edward Taylor, America’s greatest colonial poet. He was born in Leicestershire, England, either in Coventry or Sketchley, probably in 1645, and probably to a dissenting family. In any case, British universities were not hospitable to young Puritan during the persecutions of the 1660s; furthermore the loyalty oaths in favour of the monarchy required after the Restoration were repugnant to a man of Taylor’s persuasions. Thus armed with letters of introduction to the influential increase Mather, second generation New England minister, and the moneyed John Hull, Taylor arrived in Boston, in July 1668, a refugee in search of formal education. Subsequently he went to Harvard, where he earned distinctions and became a close friend of Samuel Sewall. He was graduated in 1671 and accepted a call to the ministry at Westfield, Massachusetts. There he spent the remaining fifty-eight years of his life as a physician and a passionate, engaging and brilliant pastor. He was married twice, had thirteen children, was honoured with a Master’s degree by Harvard in 1720. This is about all that is known about the private life of Edward Taylor.

As far as his public life is concerned, of course, there is the remarkable manuscript

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