Comment briefly on the attitude of the puritans to literature in the nineteenth century

book of poetry he produced. Although it is a mistake to think that the ecstasy
expressed in his poems was not representative of Puritan piety, Taylor’s occasional
certitude of bliss and emphasis on joy came close to the heresies of Antinomianism,
Pelagianism and “enthusiasm.” Much later, his grandson, President Ezra Stiles of
Yale, presented the manuscripts to the Yale library in 1783. In 1937, Thomas H.
Johnson annouriced the discovery of this hithertq obscure exemplar of colonial
literature in an qrticle published in the New England Quarterly. In 1939 Johnson
published selections from the manuscripts in the form of a compilation. The basic
groupings of the manuscript book are “God’s Determinations,” which in highly
unorthodox fashion celebrates the primacy of divine mercy rather than justice for
man caught in the continuing war between Christ and Satan; “Five Poems;” and
“Sacramental Meditations,” which expresses a fervent yearning for an expectation of ecstasy in acceptance by Christ.

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