Implications of Miller’s experiment Notes

Answer – Implications of Miller’s experiment (in 50 words)  :  Miller interprets the behavior of the rat in the second phase of the experiment as evidence of a secondary impulse. The electric shock generated in rats is a primordial impulse to avoid pain. However, the experimental disposition developed in them a secondary impulse: fear of the white compartment. In the second condition, the placement of the rats within the same white compartment (which was previously a neutral stimulus) generated in them a secondary impulse of fear. This unit prompted them to learn to turn the wheel, or to press the bar even though the blow was not given. Miller calls this impulse secondary fear, since it is not associated with the original impulse to escape the pain, but is a derivative of it. The learning to turn the wheel to open the door is known as instrumental learning, since it is fundamental for the reduction of the unit.

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