Q. 17. Counter conditioning.

17. Counter conditioning.

प्रश्न 17. काउंटर कंडीशनिंग।
उत्तर:। काउंटर कंडीशनिंग: विभिन्न प्रकृति के यूसीएस के साथ सीएस को जोड़कर काउंटर कंडीशनिंग की जा सकती है। हम पहले कुत्ते को घंटी की आवाज पर अपने पंजा को वापस लेने की स्थिति बना सकते हैं, क्योंकि घंटी व्यवस्थित रूप से सदमे के बाद होती है। फिर हम व्यवस्थित रूप से उसी ध्वनि को भोजन में जोड़कर हालत का सामना कर सकते हैं। कुत्ते को घंटी की आवाज को लुप्त करने के लिए वातानुकूलित किया जाएगा।


B.A IInd Year (BPC-005 to 006)
( For July 2017 and January 2018)

Discipline of Psychology
School of Social Sciences (SOSS)
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068

Course Code: BPC-005
Assignment Code: BPC-005/ASST/TMA/2017-18
Marks: 100
NOTE: All questions are compulsory
Answer the following question in about 1000 words each. 15×3=45 Marks
1. Describe the different types and health implications of personality.
2. Discuss the Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development.
3. Explain the dimensions and characteristics of personality.
Answer the following questions in about 400 words each. 5×5=25 Marks
4. Humanistic theories of Personality.
5. Environmental factors that influence our personality.
6. Projective test.
7. Defense Mechanisms.
8. Applications of social-cognitive approach of changing behaviour.
Answer the following in about 50 words each. 10×3=30 Marks
9. Bell’s Adjustment Inventory.
10 Rating Scales.
11. Positive psychology.
12. Vicarious conditioning.
13. Cue and Drive.
14. Application of Skinnerian principles to psychotherapy.
15. Shaping.
16. Implications of Miller’s experiment.
17. Counter conditioning.
18. Myers Briggs Type indicator.

Write the responses in your own hand. Do not print or type the answers. Do not copy
your answers from the Units/Blocks sent to you by the University. If you copy, you will get
zero marks for the respective question.

Use A4 size ruled paper for your response and tie all the pages carefully. Allow a 4 cm
margin on the left and leave some space between each answer. This will facilitate the
evaluator to write useful comments in the margin at appropriate places.



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