Contribution of Raymond Williams to Cultural Studies

Contribution of Raymond Williams to Cultural Studies.
Within this last trend, we are interested in rescuing the vision of three authors who gave great importance to the field of culture as a space for the construction of subjectivities of men and women. We refer specifically to Antonio Gramsci, Raymond Williams and E.P. Thompson. The first of them, with a determining role in the construction of this current within Marxism for being the first intellectual who emphasizes the cultural aspects within this tradition. The relationship between the thoughts of these authors, the context within which they write and the referents with which they struggle have not been deeply studied.

In this work we propose a study between the links of their ideas and the anthropological discipline, since we consider that correct readings of these authors can make substantial contributions to the development of this discipline and that some conceptions developed within them are central to enrich the studies Marxists

With this objective, we organize this writing in two sections. In the first place we detail the nuclei of debate with Marxist economism, the points in common and differences between the authors and their main conceptual contributions in the construction of a Marxism of subjectivity. Secondly, we inquire into the influence of Gramsci in this discipline; what readings have been made of this author in it and how they influenced the writings of Thompson and Williams and other critical authors in it.

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