Examine The Scarlet Letter as an open ended novel.

He stopped at the threshold, and looked around him, because maybe the idea of ​​going alone, and after so many changes, in that abode in which he had also suffered so much, was something more sad and horrible than she could put up with. But his hesitation, though it lasted only a moment, was enough to reveal a scarlet letter on his chest.

Ester Prynne had, therefore, returned and taken again the motto of his ignominy, and for a long time given to oblivion. But where was Perlita? If he still lived he was undoubtedly in all the brightness and efflorescence of his early youth. No one knew, nor ever knew for sure, if the pixie girl had descended to a premature grave, or if her tumultuous and exuberant nature had calmed and softened, making her capable of experiencing the peaceful happiness of a woman. But for the rest of the life of Esther, there were indications that the inmate of the scarlet letter was the object of the love and interest of some inhabitant of other lands. Stamped letters with an unknown coat of arms were received in the English heraldry. In the well-known cabin there were objects and articles of various kinds, even luxury, that Esther never used, but which only a rich person could have bought, or in which she could have thought only of affection for herself. There were trifles, adornments, charms, beautiful presents that indicated a constant memory and that must have been made by delicate fingers, at the impulse of a tender heart. Once Ester was seen embroidering, a suit of child of tender age, with such a profusion of gold, which would almost have given rise to a riot, if the streets of Boston had presented a tender infant with a dress of such jaez.

In short, the gossips of that time believed, and the customs administrator Mr. Pue, who investigated the matter a century later, also believed, and one of his recent successors in the same job also believes in a closed fist, that Pearl did not she only lived, but she was married, she was happy, and she remembered her mother, and that with the greatest happiness she would have had together that way and celebrated in her home that sad and lonely woman.

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