STUDY OF HUNTING GATHERING CULTURES – Until the advent of agriculture all human species made a living by gathering plant food and hunting. In last one hundred years archaeologists have found and unearthed a very large amount of artefacts, objects and sites.

The Major Aspects of Study –
The available source material has helped archaeologists, anthropologists and the scholars of pre-history in studying and analysing all aspects of life of hunters and gatherer who were spread in different parts of the world. The main aspects studied include:

i) the changes in physical and anatomical characteristics of various species of humans from Homo habilis to modern humans (which we briefly discussed in the previous sections),

ii) the regions of the globe inhabited by these hunting -gathering humans,

iii) the kind of food available to them and the manners in which they procured it for their survival. Did they have access to some tools and implements for acquiring their daily needs and survival?

iv) the changes their tools underwent through 3 million years of history,

v) at what stage of evolution and development they discovered fire and in what ways it was put to use to their advantage?

vi) nature of their social organisation and groups they lived in. Was there any sort of social interaction and communication among the groups?

vii) the method of communication within and outside groups,

viii) how they disposed off their dead?

ix) did they have any art form and what does it represent? Apart from these, lot more aspects have been studied by hundreds of scholars.

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