Surfacing can be divided into three main sections. Provide a critical summary of all three.


Part 111 extends from chapters 20 to 27 and describes the narrator’s return; spread over a period of a few days. A new realization comes to the heroine. She believes that reality has to be faced and it is not possible to go on living in the cocoon of the past. So she moves into the present, nourished and prepared to take on life with all its vicissitudes and live life on her own terms. She has learnt that withdrawal is neither possible, nor desirable. She is ready to love, and to talk, and to trust. This concludes her search for her self. She acquires an identity of her own.

Beautiful love Massage for Your Love One
Richard Cory EA Robinson
La violencia sexual en el vecindario daña la salud mental en las mujeres

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