Q. 4. Process-based research on writing has revolutionalized its teaching”. Refer to your experience of being a teacher and learner to comment on this statement.

Ans. The Process-oriented Approach: Many regard writing as process of thinking. A writer goes through different processes of thinking, organization, considering of context and redrafting, while writing. It is often thought of as a linear process, which is wrong. All these do not occur in a sequence but arbitrarily. A writer swings like a pendulum in his mind, he/she thinks in different directions which are not fixed and ideas come to him/her from all the ways. Now it has to be decided the writer that which should be kept first in the sequence in order to make his/her composition good. Many of the good writer often follow a tentative plan which is prone to change. Writers have to go to different process in order to make their writing final, i.e. in order to produce what they intended to produce. They make several plans, they rewrite their text, and they read it several times to make necessary change. If students are to be taught the skill of writing they must, but taught all these process.

This approach of teaching writing concerns itself more about the processes involved in writing than what is to be written. In other words we can say that it is concerned about how to write rather than what to write.

Can/Should Writing be Taught?

We know that writing and speech are two different modes of communication. The differences between the two are wide and diverse. According to Raimes writing should be taught. He says, “We can see that our students will not
‘pick up’ writing as they learn other skills in ESL classes. We have to teach writing.” The arrival of audiolingualism made created a tradition to have primary focus on speech communication which made the art writing to take a
backseat. Writing in itself is not an easy task; it is indeed very complex and lengthy. If a student wants to learn writing he/she first needs to become a listener, speaker and reader and then think about writing.

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