Narrative techniques in The only American from Our Village.

Radhey Mohan, the narrator, forces a complacent and smug Dr.Khanna to hear of his father’s woes and travails. And thereby fills him with remorse and repentance. Can he be seen as his father’s alter ego? Some trick of the old man, a slant of the lips, a glint in the eye, the accent — all these reminded him of his father and made him uncomfortable. Had he been alive today, Kundan Lal too might have worn a greasy jacket with eyes heavy with cataract, with no one to look after him ‘And during the course of their conversation Dr.Khanna had the unreasonable feeling that the old man was going to slap him (as his own father might have).

The only native word used in the story is ashtarnp farosh and it is used 16 times to reinforce the native sensitivity and sensibility of both Radhey Mohan and Kundan Lal. Contrasted with this is Dr.Khanna whose training in the new civilization had been perfect. Is Radhey Mohan the troubled spirit of Dr.Khanna’s father who couldn’t rest in peace even after death till he had met and talked to his son on his own soil?

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