Do you think that The Stone Angel is an appropriate title for Laurence’s novel? Give reasons for your answer

For Margaret Laurence there is a lot in a name, in a title. “Titles” she says “are important as they should in some way express the theme of the book in a rather poetic way.” (Interview with Michel Fabre, Etudes Canadivennes, Vo1.77 (1981) p.11-12) The title which she chose for her first Canadian novel certainly fits her definition. Simone Vauthier in her essay “Images in Stones, Images in Words” comments: “Solid and ethereal, opaque and spiritual, The Stone Angel confronts the reader with a challenge that is felt all the more because of the oxymoron quality of the phrase.”

The critic further argues, “Announcing the new – the text to come-also resonates with the old: Thomas Wolfe’s lyrical novel, Look Homeward Angel. Hardly have we had time to puzzle about it, however when the narration blocks our flight of imagination by presenting us with a fictional referent for the title. “Above the town, on the hill brow, the stone angel used to stand.. . .”(p. 3)

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