Tom Jones is the story of a man’s journey from innocence through experience to wisdom.” which events from the text best illustrate this?

It has been stated in the statement that their purpose in the Tom lesson will be to find “human nature”. As such, his story is between many extremes – comedy and tragedy, low and high society, moral and support.

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Square Olverthy, who returns to his Somersetier estate to find a person, who is defined by his precious kindness, to leave a child left in his bedroom, he gives the child to take care of his sister Bridget, and they check to determine That the mother of the child is a young woman named Jenny Jones leaves the area, and Olverthy decided to raise the boy, Tom. Tom has been brought with Oliverthi’s nephew Bliffey, Bridget’s son. They are educated by different views, two people in Thawakam and Square. Blifil is a sad and jealous boy

Tom is a motivational character who supports his friend, poor player, Black George Cigram, even when that support causes him trouble. “In the interim, through his association with Square Western, Olvrety’s inconsiderate yet well disposed Neighbors, he gradually experiences passionate feelings for Squire.

However, he can not follow Sophia because the daughter of the black girl gets pregnant with her daughter Mali. When he found out that Molly did not have a child’s father, he is free to pursue his growing love for Sofia.

Bliffle is against him, and he disqualifies from the house of Olvory and is away from Sofia. Also, because he is a stupid kid, Square Westf refuses to support him’s case for Sofia, and instead wants to marry Blifail so that he can strengthen his land. Sophia hates Blifle, and her father’s cruel insist is tortured

Olverthy has given he a proper amount to support himself, but it has been stolen by Black George. he considers joining the army, he meets with a partridge, a teacher-cum-barber, whose reputation was ruined, when he was believed to have been before him’s father, Potridge believes that if If he reunites man with him, then he can return to Oliver’s side, but the partridge eventually becomes a dedicated companion on the road. He often shows his generous feelings with the help of a failed highway, a beggar and a woman in distress – all the gestures that have been paid largely in the novel later.

Sophia was locked to refuse to marry Bliffe; she flew, and both Tom and Sofia try to find each other on their trip to London. She came to know that she slept with Mrs. Waters (a woman whom she protects) and she is referring to the names of strangers, and she decides that she should not love her. He is then head of London, Tom is behind him.

While living in London, he takes with the big and shiny Lady Bellston, with which Sophia is stopping. He promises to help them, but also tries to keep the lovers apart

Sophia is also largely given by Lord Felmer, her aunt, Lady Western, is worried about marrying her, while her father still believes that she will marry Blifil. Sofia’s decision is that she will not marry anyone without the consent of her father, but she will not even tell who to marry.

Tom jones unknowingly caught in a duel and imprisoned. His friend Nightingale, faithful partner Patriz and dedicated homeowner Mrs. Miller check the imprisonment of Tom and keep them in touch with Sofia. Stress starts when it was initially believed that Mrs. Waters is Tom’s mother, but this proved to be a lie. Oliverty realizes that he is a nephew of his nephew, Bridget, but the first eldest son, and that Blifil knows about this since his mother’s death. It has been learned that Bliffel had engineered Tom’s imprisonment to get out of the way.

The charges against Tom have been dropped and his marriage to Sophia is blessed by Both Olwati and Square Western. Bliffheel has been banished but Ellery and he has an annuity with Sofia and he happily living, close to Nightingale and Mrs Miller’s daughter Nancy, whom he helped. Patridge has been given an annuity to start a new school and married Tom Jones’s first girl, Molly Segrim.
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